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Can You Use Regular Grease for Caliper Pins?

Can You Use Regular Grease for Caliper Pins

You already understand the importance of brakes in a vehicle. The caliper is a part of the brake system of a vehicle. The caliper pins hold the brake calipers well aligned. If the system isn’t well aligned, it will skid to a side each time you apply the brake. And for the caliper to keep … Read more

Snowblower Gear Box Grease: All You Should Know

Snowblower Gear Box Grease

A snowblower is a machine used to draw snow in its housing to allow your vehicles to pass. You can’t help snow piling up in your driveway, but you can decide how to clear it. A snowblower is all you need. In order to make your snowblower give stellar performance all the time, you also … Read more

How To Remove Grease From Fingernails? 8 Steps

How To Remove Grease From Fingernails

Fingers grow, and they accumulate dirt often. Regardless of one’s cautiousness, fingers accrue grimes and save them each time we embark on routines such as the greasing of the vehicles. Definitely, the application of grease could be in different forms. However, you don’t have to be schooled to know that your hands would have to … Read more

Lithium Grease VS Moly Grease: What’s The Difference?

Lithium Grease Vs. Moly Grease

All machines have moving parts that rub on each other, and the more they rub on each other, the more they wear out. To reduce the rate of wear and tear, you have to grease them regularly. That’s why there are various kinds of grease. However, not every grease is good for all applications. And … Read more

How To Grease A CV Axle? 7 Easy Steps

How To Grease A CV Axle

Never underestimate the fact that every rotatory part of automobiles needs lubrication. Indeed, the differential parts of vehicles are not left out in any way in this discourse. The axle is part of the differential system that’s connected to the wheels. Its presence is conspicuous in front-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles. All these require lubrication … Read more

Milwaukee Hammer Drill Chuck Stuck?

Milwaukee Hammer Drill Chuck Stuck

Have you come to a point your Milwaukee hammer drill isn’t working as usual? Moreover, this may not be the case with you. Yours may be on the contrary; learning about the format of repairing Milwaukee hammer drills may be your passion as a developing hobbyist. Whatever the situation, this will aid. Definitely, every power … Read more

How To Grease CV Joints Without Removing Them?

How to Grease CV Joints Without Removing Them

A CV joint is a point where the transmission of a vehicle meets the drive wheels. Each drive wheel has a pair of CV joints. The inner joint connects the transmission to the axle and the outer joint connects the axle to the wheel. The joints ensure that the velocity of your vehicle remains the … Read more

How to Use Dielectric Grease on Battery Terminals?

Greasing your terminals preserves the lifespan of your battery. So, don’t just do it but do it correctly by thoroughly reading the PRO’s guidelines here. Thus, inculcating this mindset of greasing it rightly will enable you to have the best use of your automobile. Firstly, why lubricate battery terminals? Lubrication of the battery terminals disallows … Read more

Do You Need to Grease Sway Bar Links?

Do You Need to Grease Sway Bar Links

The sway bar is a part of the vehicle’s suspension system. The function of the sway bar is to keep the vehicle stable while negotiating a bend or hitting potholes. Sway bars are hollow and long steel bars in the form of an arch. The sway bars are connected to both sides of the vehicle’s … Read more

Marine Grease Vs. Automotive Grease: What’s The Difference?

Marine Grease Vs. Automotive Grease

Whether it’s a motorbike, ATV, car, boat, or even a boat trailer, all vehicles have moving parts. And these parts must be greased regularly to prevent friction, wear and tear, and rust. The two main categories of grease useful for the lubrication of the parts of a vehicle are automotive grease and marine grease.  5 … Read more

What is Red Rubber Grease Used For? [Answered]

What is Red Rubber Grease Used For

Of course, everyone is aware that metal components need to be lubricated with grease or oil to reduce friction and wear and tear. It also prevents rust and corrosion. But do you know that rubber components also require lubrication? Yes, rubber components, especially in the automotive industry, need to be lubricated to prevent the rubber … Read more

Do You Need to Grease New Tie-Rod Ends?

Do You Need to Grease New Tie-Rod Ends

Most times, asking the right question before replacing a part in a vehicle is as essential as using it in the long haul. Tie-rods are replaceable on cars of all sorts, and you rarely need to make proper inquiries before and after replacing such a critical part of your car’s suspension system. You see, the … Read more

How To Grease a WARN Winch? 9 Easy Steps

How To Grease a WARN Winch

We all winch at one point or the other in our daily lives. You can assent and attest to this better if you’re a car owner. Whether the winch is new or not, a vehicle owner’s sole aim has always been to get the perfect result at every stance. Moreover, neither of the two is … Read more

Bulb Grease vs Dielectric Grease: What’s The Difference?

Bulb Grease vs. Dielectric Grease

Every locomotive part in automobiles and industrial machines needs lubrication. One doesn’t have to be a genius to know this. Right? Yea, but one must be a genius to know the appropriate grease to apply to different sections at a specific temperature and circumstances. Greasing properly is proportional to the proper maintenance of the vehicle … Read more

Brake Grease on Back of Pads | All You Should Know

Brake Grease on Back of Pads

Do you know that brake pads require lubrication to function at their optimum, and the back of pads is essential to grease? Let’s break the logic down; you see, the back of pads is the embryo of the non-metal part of the braking system. It’s this part that abates the heat that emanates as a … Read more

How to Grease a Milwaukee Ratchet? 4 Steps

How to Grease a Milwaukee Ratchet

We all tighten and loosen fasteners like bolts and nuts often. To couple your generator, car engine, and other equipment, you’ll have to tighten a lot of fasteners. And to disassemble the tools, you have to loosen fasteners. One thing you’ll notice is that some bolts and nuts are located in difficult-to-reach areas, making them … Read more

Top 10 Best Grease Gun for Trailer Bearings 2022

Best Grease Gun for Trailer Bearings

Lubricating your wheel bearings elongate the lifespan of your wheel actually. Thus, you don’t have to deliberate if lubricating your wheel-bearing is mandatory or not in the first place because it is. Moreover, there won’t be rust or frictions while the wheel is revving as long as you do this often. Obviously, lubricating your trailer … Read more

10 Best Grease Gun for a Lawn Tractor 2022

Best Grease Gun for a Lawn Tractor

If you have a lawnmower or lawn tractor, you’ll have to grease its external moving parts regularly to keep it in the best condition all the time. Without proper greasing, the wear and tear of those moving parts will be faster and this will, in turn, shorten the lifespan of your lawn tractor. That’s why … Read more

Top 10 Best Pneumatic Grease Gun in 2022

Best Pneumatic Grease Gun

A pneumatic grease gun is a lever-operating grease gun. You can define it as a manual grease gun that requires your human efforts to stroke for the grease to dispense. First, every pneumatic grease gun has two parts: the head and the cartridge. The head of the grease comprises additional features, and so likewise the … Read more

Makita Grease Gun VS Milwaukee: What’s The Difference?

Makita Grease Gun VS Milwaukee

Comparison isn’t always about which product is better. Rather, it is about suitability. So, in the end, you’ll choose the one that suits you most. In addition, there are answers to some frequently asked questions about both products. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business right away.  5 Major Differences Between Makita Grease … Read more

How to Depressurize a Grease Gun for Storage?

How to Depressurize a Grease Gun for Storage

Grease guns are practical tools used for applying lubricants and greases to any and all mechanical or moving parts. They are used by mechanics, engineers, and even hobbyists alike. Grease guns are made to deliver lubrication under pressure, forcing it into areas of a rotary bearing that may otherwise be difficult to reach without disassembly. … Read more

Top 10 Best 3-OZ Grease Guns in 2022

Best 3-OZ Grease Guns

Are you thinking of buying a mini grease gun and you don’t know the brand to choose? You already understand the importance of a grease gun to metalworks. It is used to apply grease to different parts of metals. As effective as grease guns are, mini grease guns are better. They are smaller and lighter, … Read more

Top 10 Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun in 2022

Best Pistol Grip Grease Gun

You’re probably on this website because you’re planning to buy a grease gun soon. The question is, what exactly do you need a grease gun for? If you need it for small do-it-yourself projects like greasing the bearings of your vehicles, a small grease gun may be your best bet. Mini grease guns are easy … Read more

How To Load a Spring-Loaded Grease Gun?

How To Load a Spring-Loaded Grease Gun

Many machines have parts rubbing against each other as they work, and this hastens wear and tear. It also generates heat. In some cases, it makes a lot of noise. That’s why a lubricant is needed to reduce friction and wear and tear. As the lubricant wears off, it should be replenished. However, some parts … Read more

How To Use Milwaukee Grease Gun? 5 Steps

How To Use A Milwaukee Grease Gun?

The grease gun is popular because of its attractive features. It is known for its ease of use and simplicity. Also, its accuracy and efficiency are worthy of mention here. The grease gun helps to minimize the use of your grease. With a Milwaukee grease gun, your grease will last relatively longer. It offers up … Read more

How To Grease A Bearing With A Grease Gun?

How To Grease A Bearing With A Grease Gun

As you already know, a grease gun is used for applying grease to different metal parts to aid lubrication. One area that is difficult to access is a bearing. It is difficult to manually apply grease to a bearing. How To Grease a Bearing with a Grease Gun? 6 Easy Steps Step 1: Remove the … Read more

Milwaukee Grease Gun M12 VS M18

Milwaukee Grease Gun M12 Vs. M18

If you are vast in metal works, you’ll understand the importance of a grease gun as it makes greasing easier. Of course, there are numerous brands of grease guns, but some of them are better than others. One of the most popular brands is Milwaukee, and its best grease gun models are the M12 and … Read more

Dewalt Grease Gun VS Milwaukee: What’s The Difference?

Dewalt Grease Gun VS Milwaukee

Milwaukee and Dewalt are two of the best brands in the manufacture of grease guns, and they should be. Their grease guns are easy to use, highly efficient, and durable. Although you may be looking out for which is of them is better, neither of the two products is clearly better than the other. Each … Read more

M3 Grease Gun vs Mp40: What’s The Difference?

M3 Grease Gun vs Mp40

Grease guns are striving because of the simple futuristic they possess. During World War II, two guns that became the rave of choices were M3 and Mp40. The Germans made the Mp40; the other, the M3, was made in the US. Speculations have been arising that M3 was crafted from the masterpiece of Mp40 to … Read more

How To Prime A Dewalt Grease Gun? 4 Steps

How To Prime A Dewalt Grease Gun?

As useful as they are, Dewalt grease guns and other grease guns have a common challenge. Air gets trapped in them after changing their cartridges. And you will have to prime the grease gun to get the air out of it. If air is still trapped in a grease gun, it won’t dispense grease. This … Read more

How To Clean A Grease Gun? Fast and Easy Guide

How To Clean A Grease Gun

Cleaning grease guns doesn’t have to be done anyhow. You see, grease guns have enormous features, each with a unique cleaning protocol. Thus, initiating your idea in the long haul is allowed, but implementing the outlines we will be stating here will give you perfect stainless assurance. For instance, you can’t use water alone to … Read more

How to Load a Lucas Grease Gun? Tips and Guides

Lucas Grease Gun

Lucas grease gun is a lever grease gun with a dimension of 2.88 x 16.88 x 7.5 inches. It uses a lever instead of a trigger that most grease guns with manual orientations have. The product is built to last with its structure’s 94% aluminum constituent, so it’s 100% savable. This is an easy-to-use grease … Read more

How To Fill A Grease Gun With A Cartridge?

How To Fill A Grease Gun With A Cartridge

A grease gun is an important tool that is used for lubrication. This tool comes in handy for those who operate heavy equipment and machinery. Grease guns apply lubricant to a specific point through an aperture, usually from a grease cartridge to a grease fitting.  Grease guns can be differentiated by the way they are … Read more

How to Load a Grease Gun Without a Cartridge?

How to Load a Grease Gun Without a Cartridge?

A grease gun is used to apply grease or other viscous lubricants to moving parts of a machine to avoid abrasion. Certain parts of different machines may be difficult to access, and you can grease such parts with a grease gun. However, a grease gun cannot operate when it’s out of grease. It is often … Read more

How to Get Grease Gun off Nipple? 4 Steps

How to Get Grease Gun off Nipple

Lubrication of bearings and other mechanical parts of an automobile or industrial machines without a grease gun can be daunting. Of course, you can tell better if you’ve ever been in such an awkward situation before. In fact, the essence of a grease gun can’t be overemphasized. Basically, every professional uses it to apply lubricants … Read more

Easy Way To Fixes Grease Gun Troubleshooting – Milwaukee M12

Easy Way To Fixes Grease Gun Troubleshooting

The Milwaukee M12 grease gun is used to dispense grease into machine parts with ease and without causing a mess. Electric or battery-operated grease guns don’t make as much noise as pneumatic grease guns. They are quite handy and easy to use. One of the problems with a grease gun is airlocks. When there’s air … Read more

How To Load a Mini Grease Gun? Top 3 Methods

How To Load a Mini Grease Gun

A mini grease gun, as the name suggests is a tool that can be used for mini lubrication projects. Due to its small size, it is generally not used in industrial or large commercial businesses. Ideal for mini-projects like greasing smaller machines, its size makes it convenient for portability purposes as well as convenient for … Read more

How to Bleed a Grease Gun? 6 Easy Steps

How to Bleed a Grease Gun

Regardless of the type of grease gun you own or use, whether it be a manual lever, pistol grip, pneumatic air-powered, cordless electric, or mini grease gun, one of the most common problems you will run across are air pockets trapped in the gun. An air pocket can impede and interrupt the continuous flow of … Read more

Why and What to Do When Your Grease Gun Stuck on Fitting?

Grease Gun Stuck on Fitting

A common request for advice when operating grease guns for the lubrification of equipment is what to do when a grease gun is stuck on a fitting or a pin. Grease pins and grease fittings are basically the same things. These fittings or pins will be on every piece of equipment that requires lubrication within … Read more

My Lincoln Grease Gun Is Not Greasing: What Can I Do?

y Lincoln Grease Gun Is Not Greasing – What Can I Do?

Here you have a great Lincoln Grease Gun, and it isn’t dispensing lubricant, so what do you do? This is a common question from grease gun owners despite the brand. Normally, dirt and debris contamination or buildup accounts for the majority of grease dispensing problems. This can occur both with grease guns that you use … Read more

How To Attach A Grease Gun To A Zerk Fitting?

How To Attach A Grease Gun To A Zerk Fitting

If you are new to attaching grease guns to zerk fittings on equipment and machinery, fear not, it’s really pretty easy, once you’ve tried it. The idea here is to help you avoid ending up with grease all over your hands and fingers. How to Attach Your Grease Gun to a Zerk Fitting? Step 1: … Read more