Top 10 Best Grease Gun for Trailer Bearings 2022

Lubricating your wheel bearings elongate the lifespan of your wheel actually. Thus, you don’t have to deliberate if lubricating your wheel-bearing is mandatory or not in the first place because it is. Moreover, there won’t be rust or frictions while the wheel is revving as long as you do this often.

Obviously, lubricating your trailer bearings steadily with the proper grease gun will offer precisions to avoid over-greasing, aside from the expenses and contingencies it will save you from.

Furthermore, the guns designed purposefully for trailer bearings have variable stroke mechanisms and are highly controllable to revel the outcome. And those qualities are what the products here all possess.

The tools used for trailers differ from those used for cars in size and shape, so you have to buy them here if you are gunning for grease guns purposed for trailer wheels only. Yes, they have functions such as an air-bleeder button, which users can use to prime the grease gun once the gun is refilled. In fact, they have variable reloading options that you can use for them. 

1. GreaseTek Grease Gun-Pistol

GreaseTek Grease Gun-Pistol GreaseTek offers you a grease gun with modernized features like no other. Here is a top product that enables you to grease the ball bearing of your wheel with absolute precision.

Grease won’t ebb uncontrollably with this. It has systems on its inside that stop the flow of the oil when needed. This technology enables mechanics and newbie operators to manage resources.

The cartridge is commodious for 14oz and 16oz grease containers. However, this delivers 1oz in every 40 strokes. Meanwhile, the cartridge reloading is doable in two separate ways.


  • The black-color grease gun has a dimension of 13.39 x 5.51 x 2.87 inches and weighs 2.5lb.
  • This is a lever-operating grease gun that delivers 400cc. It has the air-bleeder feature, and its improved plunger makes reloading it so active.
  • The accessories it comes with are an 18-inch flexible hose, an extension, and a coupler.
  • A knurled grip on this makes holding and lugging it around excellent.
  • You can fill the cartridge through bulk filling means and insertion of grease containers.

2. UTOOL Grease Gun, 8000 PSI Heavy Duty

UTOOL Grease Gun, 8000 PSI Heavy DutyThe motor-moving parts of your trailer are heavy-duty and large. Therefore, buy a UTOOL grease gun that’s specifically designated for trailers and comes with all the accessories required to have instant use of it on your trailer.

Its significance doesn’t just stop there; it has a working pressure of 8,000psi, making it so peculiar for greasing heavy-duty ball bearings.

The accessories are two grease gun couplers, one flexible hose, one nozzle type, etc. It uses the world-famous push-lock-lubricate to simplify its complexity for easy use.


  • This grease gun features a 6-month warranty.
  • The reloading of its cartridge is doable in three distinct ways.
  • It has an ergonomic structure. This means it is savable virtually anywhere.
  • The air-bleeder of this grease gun works with a push of a button.
  • It has a rubbery cover at its base, which makes the removal of the cartridge from the head easy.
  • The grease gun is made of steel and aluminum for longevity use.

3. HORUSDY Grease Gun for Trailer Bearings

HORUSDY Grease Gun for Trailer Bearings Envisage beyond greasing a trailer alone. Think of buying a grease gun that could proffer solutions in a contingent scenario. Buy our HORUSDY grease gun that you can use for industrial purposes also.

 The working pressure of this grease gun is 7000psi. You could use it in any position. 

This has an ergonomic structure with an incredible design. There is a tab at the T-handle where the plunger is situated.

 Just as you can flexibly pull and push the plunger, you can also open the lid covers. This would serve you right if you seek a manual grease gun that you can use for multitasking.


  • The accessories with this are one 18” flexible hose, two reinforced couplers, and two nozzle types.
  • There is a rubber on its sleeve, which enhances convenience during use.
  • The standard grease container size is a 14oz grease container.
  • This is ‎16 x 6 x 3 inches in dimension and weighs 14oz for luggable reasons.
  • This dependable grease gun is one of the best Chinese products in the US.

4. Lincoln Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Lincoln Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun Various tasks require different stroking intensities. Thus, you need to get this fact straight if you will be using a grease gun for trailer bearing for a long time.

If that’s the basis of your need, then buy this. Buy this one that could mount up a pressure of 7,500psi and deliver them at different degrees. Furthermore, acknowledge this with a distinct dual-lip feature and consider it for a buy.

 Here is a feature that makes the release of grease to be with precision regardless of the nozzle size at the tip. In fact, this has an air-bleeder button, also making the grease gun’s priming by oneself whenever new grease is put in the barrel an easy experience.


  • The 7,500psi specification allows high pressure in high tolerance to being visible and attainable.
  • The accessories that come with this are an 18” flexible hose and a 6” rigid extension.
  • The dimension of this grease gun is 7.7 x 16.1 x 2.8inch, while its weight is 2.8lb.
  • You can use this dependably and clean it often.
  • The filler pipe could serve as the reloading part and ooze out air when priming the grease gun after loading the gun.
  • There is an air-bleeder button on this manual grease gun also.

5. Slippery Pete Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Slippery Pete Pistol Grip Grease GunPete pistol-grip gun will eject every dab of grease in the 14oz cartridge. Its high suctioning power is out of this world. Its construction is beyond the conventional ones. And that’s a tangible reason to look at to consider this.

The O-ring head suffixes the balloon plunger so well that it ensures all grease is pushed out consistently into the tube. This has no T-handle lid cover tab, but it works reliably.

 There is no restraint in scooping the best result from the use of this. This is what you’ve got to check out if you are looking for a lever-operating grease gun for commercial purposes.


  • This product has a manual that is explicitly detailed in the English language. You’d learn the practical ways of air-bleeding newly filled grease and bulk loading the cartridge.
  • The accessories you’d see on the delivery of this grease gun are an 18inch flexible pipe and a rigid extension.
  • This has an anti-slippery design on its cartridge.
  • This tool’s handle retainer makes the grease gripping an impeccable one.
  • The work pressure that this can generate is 6000psi.

6. LockNLube Professional Pistol-Grip Grease Gun

LockNLube Professional Pistol-Grip Grease Gun Be a professional at what you do. Tackle every challenge with our LockNLube grease gun. Its 8,000psi exceeds the traditional ones used for subsistence needs.

This one with a 20” flexible hose enables professional mechanics to lubricate bearings at every angle on every side. Almost every feature is an integration of what’s typical.

Definitely! This has an in-line hose that you could swivel into hard-to-reach places.

Also, though its cartridge capacity is 14oz, 37 strokes from the pistol-grip of this too will dispense an ounce of grease. Obviously, this would economize the grease dispensed.


  • The loop & lock design doesn’t only make this grease gun savable but luggable at the same time.
  • This offers variable stroking rate, bulk fill, blistering its performance by air-bleeding, and a locking rod follower as a storage option.
  • This is lightweight. Its dimension is ‎17 x 8 x 3 inches, and it weighs 4lb.
  • The material used for its construction is aluminum. The swivel added underneath makes the flexible hose be flexibly turned in 360 degrees.
  • This comes with a coupler as an accessory.

7. FIXSMITH Professional Lever Action Grease Gun

FIXSMITH Professional Lever Action Grease Gun At a very affordable cost, buy this tool which you can use for casual and professional purposes. It’s a reliable tool that could deliver 1oz per 40 strokes.

 This is specifically designed for lubricating trailers, automobile chassis, and industrial purposes. Notwithstanding, its working pressure is 6000psi, while it works with flexible hoses that are designated for 4,500psi.

It has two reloading methods that you can use intuitively without technical know-how. There are more that you might like to check out below.


  • This comes with a warranty. The manufacturer offers an adulterated service, including the warranty.
  • The dimension of this grease gun is ‎14.49 x 4.49 x 2.2 inches, and it weighs 2.5lb.
  • This comes with a 7inch long rigid extension and an exchangeable flexible hose.
  • This works effectively regardless of the time one stored it.
  • You can depend on the long-term use of this one.

8. AcPulse 6000 PSI Heavy Duty

AcPulse 6000 PSI Heavy Duty Canisters made of steel are more durable and lightweight than their comparisons. This is built to last and to improve professional experiences. You can rely on its use in all weather conditions also. Leakages are susceptible to heavy-duty, but not this one.

There is a sleeve at its base, making the removal of the barrel much more effortless. In addition, this has a working pressure rate of 6,000psi.

The flexible hose is 18” long, and the extension is 5.5” long as well. Those are the accessories that come with the product delivery and a coupler. Indeed, this would work reliably for a long time.


  • This grease gun’s 18” flexible hose has a spring guard that enhances its structure when looped.
  • The dimension of the grease gun is 15” X 6” X 2.8” and weighs 3.43lb.
  • This has an O-ring that ensures no air is leaked.
  • This could be reloaded by bulk loading and canister filling.
  • This has a non-slip sleeve that makes the removal of the barrel easy.

9. LUMAX Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun

LUMAX Heavy Duty Deluxe Pistol Grease Gun Buy from LUMAX and roll with this leading brand’s program. No smearing of grease with the use of this one in any form. The design of the pistol-grip grease gun is reliable and durable.

The ruggedly built deluxe grease gun has a dimension of ‎15 x 5 x 2.8 inches and weighs 2.5lb. Forty strokes will eject an ounce from the grease gun. 

However, it has an air-bleeder which you can always use to prime the grease gun. Meanwhile, this is doable by only pressing a button.


  • This uses an 18” long flexible hose; it comes with a 4-hardened-jaw coupler and a cap for the hose.
  • The reloading of the grease could be done in three distinct ways.
  • The working pressure it can garner is 7,000psi.
  • LUMAX presents you with this one-hand air-powered grease gun you can use comfortably.
  • Cast-alloy head and aluminum body ensure absolute ease in usability.
  • The handheld grip is oil-resistant and usable at all times.

10. Milton Pistol Grease Gun for Trailer Bearings

Milton Pistol Grease Gun for Trailer BearingsThis grease gun works at a variable stroking rate as it could amass up to 7,000psi. You could use it at variable intensity, even at an 18inch flexible hose.

It comes with a flexible hose and a coupler. Notwithstanding, the standard grease container size it uses is 14oz. You can rely on its performance for a long time.


  • The dimension of this gun is 15 x 28 x 3 inches, and it weighs 3.34oz.
  • You could use cartridge, suction, and bulk fill options to reload the grease of the product.
  • There is an air-bleeder button that you can use to prime the gun.
  • You can adjust the handle at any angle you desire to make lugging it around so flexible.
  • This has a complete structure that makes stroking easy on the grease gun.

What Kind of Grease Do You Use for Trailer Bearing?

Trailer bearings use the popular Marine wheel-bearing grease. This grease meets the NLGI, which is known as the GC-LB standards. It consists of water resistance and proven features that could reduce friction on the wheel bearings.

How Do You Grease Trailer Bearings With a Grease Gun?

  1. Buy your most preferred grease type and make it available. Choose any of the best products we’ve made available here. 
  2. Fill its cartridge with the grease while you go straight onto your trailer’s wheel. Raise the wheel upward so that you can access the wheel-bearing perfectly. In fact, it would be mandatory to suspend the vehicle so that you can swivel the wheel a 360-degree as you should. 
  3. Now, locate the wheel-bearing and remove the lid cover capping it if it has any. Inject the grease into the wheel-bearing by pressing either the lever or the pistol grip as the case may be. 
  4. Do this and ensure that the lubricant is suppressed in the cavity and hub of the bearing. Use a stick or anything to quell the grease into the wheel bearings. 
  5. Indeed, you can clean the excesses when you are done. Do this on every wheel of the trailer.

How Often Should Bearings be Greased on a Trailer?

Professionals advised that it should be after every year. Better still, the grease should be applied to the wheels after the trailer has traveled 12,000 miles. You can check the manual to learn about the instructions specified by the axle’s manufacturer. However, when the wheel begins to squeal or make clinking sounds, these show a need for its lubrication.

Can You Over Grease Trailer Bearings?

Yea, this occurs. Over-greasing the trailer bearing would cause the ball bearings to spill the excesses out and damage the wheel bearings if this continues to happen in the bearing cavities. Why? That’s because this would cause an increase in the temperature and energy loss in the medium.

Is Red and Tacky Grease Good for Wheel Bearings?

Yea, it is good. You can inquire from a mechanic nearby to find out if the product in use could affect your trailer’s axle. However, as long as the product meets the primary standards, you should buy it to apply it to your trailer’s wheel bearing.

Best Grease Gun for Trailer Bearings

Final Words

These are the best grease guns that are manually operated that you can find in the marketplace. Know their difference and what makes them stand out from one another, then you are good to go afterward in buying the one that would suit you best. Notwithstanding, we impugn you to buy from us here so that you can have the best customer experience at its peak.