Dewalt Grease Gun VS Milwaukee: What’s The Difference?

Milwaukee and Dewalt are two of the best brands in the manufacture of grease guns, and they should be. Their grease guns are easy to use, highly efficient, and durable.

Although you may be looking out for which is of them is better, neither of the two products is clearly better than the other. Each of them has its highs and lows, and they have their edges over each other. In the end, you’ll have to choose which is more suitable.

So, take the time to read the article to the end and choose which one suits you more. In addition, you’ll see the answers to some frequently asked questions about both brands of grease guns. The more information you have about your preferred gun, the better you can handle it.

6 Major Differences Between Dewalt Grease Gun and Milwaukee:

1. Warranty

Milwaukee supports its grease guns with 5-year warranties, while Dewalt offers only 3-year warranties. However, you can’t say Milwaukee gives better warranties until you go through the terms and conditions of both warranties.

Generally, it’s a smart idea to go through warranty conditions to understand what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover.
That way, you’ll be on the same page with the distributor in terms of the warranty. And you’ll understand and avoid the situations that can void the warranty on your grease gun.

2. Grease Discharge Quantity

One good thing is that both brands of grease guns are cordless because they are battery-powered. The difference lies in the quantity of grease that they can dispense on a single charge. Milwaukee M12 and M18 grease guns are able to dispense 7 and 10 cartridges of grease on a single charge, respectively. 

On the other hand, the Dewalt grease gun can dish out up to 16 cartridges of grease on a single charge. This makes Dewalt the clear winner on this.

3. Length of Flex Hose

It’s good for the flex hose of a grease gun to be long, so it can go further easily. The flex hose of the Milwaukee M12 is 36 inches long, while the Milwaukee M18 offers a 48-inch-long flex hose. Dewalt, on the other hand, has a 42-inch-long flex hose. Milwaukee wins with its M18 grease gun with the longest flex hose.

4. Output Pressure

Although the Milwaukee M12 has a lower pressure, the Milwaukee 18 stands toe-to-toe with the Dewalt grease gun in terms of pressure. Both of them offer a maximum pressure of up to 10,000 psi. If you think the real competition is actually between the Milwaukee M18 and the Dewalt grease gun, you’re right. 

5. Voltage

The Dewalt 20V grease gun has a voltage of 20 volts, while the Milwaukee M18 has a voltage of 18 volts. Of course, the Milwaukee M12 takes only 12 volts. 

6. Weight

The lighter a device is, the easier it will be for you to carry it around. That’s why you may not like the Dewalt grease gun for weighing 14.8 pounds while the Milwaukee M18 grease gun weighs only 9.3 pounds. Well, you can say the Dewalt grease gun’s discharge capacity of 16 cartridges on a single charge is a great tradeoff.

Now that you’ve seen the major differences between the two branded products, you can choose the one that suits you more, even though you’re good with either of the guns.

As you can see, the Milwaukee M18 wins in terms of flex hose length (48 inches), Warranty (5 years), and weight (9.3 pounds), While the Dewalt wins in terms of the number of grease cartridges that can be dispensed on a single charge (16 cartridges). You’ve got to choose which brand suits you more.

Does Milwaukee Make a 20 Volt Grease Gun?

The answer is probably a no. A quick check on Milwaukee’s official website revealed no 20-volt grease gun. Also, other online stores were combed, but there was no Milwaukee 20-volt grease gun. So, you can safely conclude that the product is not available right now.

All you’ll see are the Milwaukee M12 and M18 grease guns. Well, a 20-volt grease gun may be in the plan of the brand. 

Does Milwaukee Make a Grease Gun?

Yes, Milwaukee makes great grease guns. In fact, its grease guns are some of its most popular products. You can choose from either its M12 and M18 grease guns because they are among the best grease guns around. You can check its official website to learn more about the two grease guns. 

How Much Grease Does a Milwaukee Grease Gun Put Out?

The Milwaukee M12 grease pops out up to seven 14-oz cartridges of grease on a single charge, while the Milwaukee M18 dispenses up to ten 16-oz cartridges of grease on a single charge. This is a great feature, and that’s why both models of grease guns are popular. 

Does Dewalt Make a Grease Gun?

Yes, Dewalt makes a couple of fantastic grease guns, and the guns work efficiently. One of them is the 20-volt Max grease gun. You can find out more about Dewalt’s grease guns on its website, Amazon, and other online stores. 

How Do You Store a Dewalt Grease Gun?

You need to store your grease gun the right way to prevent it from dripping and messing up the storage space. That’s because the grease left in the gun tends to melt and drip. And the best way to store a Dewalt grease gun is to hang it horizontally inside a clean, cool, dry cabinet that does not transfer heat.

And you must disconnect its plunger from the tube before you store it. In fact, this rule applies to all grease guns, and not only a Dewalt grease gun.

How Do You Refill a Dewalt Grease Gun?

It is very easy to refill a Dewalt grease gun. Unscrew the barrel and remove the empty cartridge from the barrel. Bring out a new cartridge and remove the plastic cover at the base. There’s a seal at the top of the cartridge. Pop off the seal so that the grease applicator can have direct access to the content of the new cartridge.

Now, you can screw the barrel and assemble the gun. There’s a possibility of having some air trapped in the gun. This will prevent your grease gun from being able to dispense grease. If the gun has an air bleeder valve at the top, open the valve and wait until grease pops out of the valve. It indicates that the trapped air has escaped. Lock the valve and test your newly-refilled Dewalt grease gun. 

Dewalt Grease Gun VS Milwaukee

Final Words

Based on the features of the Dewalt and Milwaukee grease guns, you can’t say one of them is better than the others. Rather, you need to choose the one with more suitable features for you. Milwaukee is lighter, and it also has a relatively longer flex hose. In addition, it is sold with a longer warranty period.

On the other hand, a single charge of the Dewalt grease gun dispenses much more grease than a single charge of the Milwaukee M18 grease gun. So, make your choice.