How To Clean A Grease Gun? Fast and Easy Guide

Cleaning grease guns doesn’t have to be done anyhow. You see, grease guns have enormous features, each with a unique cleaning protocol. Thus, initiating your idea in the long haul is allowed, but implementing the outlines we will be stating here will give you perfect stainless assurance.

For instance, you can’t use water alone to clean a grease gun. Why? That is because water is denser than grease, and you would need an anti-grease solution to activate the ions of the grease for it to flow out. These are sacrosanct reasons why you should read this. Furthermore, you are to clean the exterior and the interior during cleaning.

How to Clean a Grease Gun? 4 Things To Consider

1. Dismantling the Grease Gun

  • Disengage the leftover grease from the grease gun. Start by detaching the head from the cartridge. Twist the grease gun head from the cartridge to access the whole cartridge.
  • Retract the plunger and remove the cover lid from the grease gun so that you can remove the leftover oil.
  • Remove the lid cover from one end and the plunger from another end. The spring and the bearing seal might need to be removed as well.
  • Disconnect the grease tube from the head. The grease fitting ought to be removed likewise so that precision can become attained by the end.
  • Place every one of them on the table when you are through with the detachment. Notwithstanding, don’t forget the settings so that the recoupling may be easy.

2. Cleaning the Cartridge of a Grease Gun

  • A grease gun could either be made of a bulk or a cartridge. However, cleaning the grease gun has to be the same to some extent.
  • Put some water in a bowl and pour some anti-grease inside it. Squash the water and make it soapy. You can use your dishwasher detergent as an anti-grease.
  • Grab a rag, or you can call it an extra clean cloth. Use the dry clean cloth to wipe off the excesses from the troughs and vacuums of the cartridge.
  • Immerse a clean cloth inside the soapy water. Remove it after a few seconds and squeeze the water from it to make it damp. Use the wet cloth to remove the gunk from the bearing seal, spring, plunger, and any other component of your cartridge.
  • Use another clean cloth to wipe off the dabs of water from the grease gun.

3. Cleaning the Head of a Grease Gun

  • The head consists of the fitting, grease tube, trigger, and handle. The fitting is fixed onto the coupler and always found dirty.
  • Remove the coupler from the grease tube and the grease tube from the head. Use a brush already immersed in soapy water with a stiff bristle to remove dirt hiding in the corners of the fittings.
  • You could do this by soaking the accessories first. However, don’t soak the electric cord while cleaning a battery-powered grease gun.
  • Rinse them in clean water while you wipe off the dabs with a dry cloth. Keep it in a cool and dry place while you allow it to dry before you move on to the next step.

4. Recoupling of the Grease Gun

  • The cartridge should be assembled first. Insert the spring and the seal first, just the inverse way you disassembled it.
  • Grease the cartridge before you proceed. Buy the grease product that you need and infuse it into the cartridge.
  • Bury the plunger inward at the optimal limit. Cover the other end with the silver lid you removed earlier.
  • Fix the grease tube to the grease gun while putting the nipple back to its former position.
  • Ensure that every component is arranged back to its position. Try running some tests to know if the coupling was splendidly done.

Can You Leave Grease in a Grease Gun?

Yea, you can leave leftover grease inside the cartridge when you are done using your grease gun. Besides, you cannot wholly remove grease from your cartridge without leaving some behind. Forsaking the grease in the grease gun is economical and reduces stress. However, ensure you save the grease gun horizontal by placing it slant against the wall.

How Do I Dissolve the Grease Machine?

Grease can become sticky and become a speck of hard-to-remove dirt on machines. However, you’ll need to add vinegar to the water you pour in the detergent. Make the vinegar half of the quantity of the water you put in the bowl. In fact, sprinkling the vinegar on the greasy machine for minutes before scrubbing the sticky and flaky parts off is advisable.

What is the Most Powerful Degreaser?

A lot of degreasers are out there that you can buy today. However, among the most popular ones is Solvalene. It has features that make it usable for industrial purposes. A minute amount is enough to erase a large quantity of stain.

Does Vinegar Dissolve Grease?

Yes, it does. It consists of citric acid, which reduces the stickiness of grease on a metallic body. Applying this would enable you to get the ultimate result you desire. Notwithstanding, you would need to use a sponge or brush with a harsh bristle to scrub the grease off thoroughly.

Does WD 40 Remove Grease?

Yea, you see, whenever you need a degreaser that can maintain the glittering surface while removing stuck grease from surfaces, choose WD 40 degreaser. This product has become many people’s favorite. It is usable on plastic, metallic, and wooden surfaces.

Will Baking Soda and Vinegar Remove Grease?

Yea, they will. In fact, applying the two simultaneously for cleaning hard-to-remove stains from surfaces is recommendable. The traditional application is that you will immerse baking soda inside the vinegar and allow it to become soaked. Apply the soaked soda to the stained spots while you wait for some time before scrubbing the stain off with the soda.

Is Bleach a Good Degreaser?

Bleach makes the removal of stains easy. It is a degreaser. However, it is a traditional substance that’s used for the removal of stains from surfaces. It is often mixed with water before using soap to scrub the stains off.

How To Clean A Grease Gun

Final Words

These are steps to cleaning a grease gun and grease from surfaces. If the grease gun isn’t working correctly at the end of the cleaning, throw it away. The steps we provided are legit, and you can rely on them for a pleasant cleaning experience.