How to Load a Lucas Grease Gun? Tips and Guides

Lucas grease gun is a lever grease gun with a dimension of 2.88 x 16.88 x 7.5 inches. It uses a lever instead of a trigger that most grease guns with manual orientations have. The product is built to last with its structure’s 94% aluminum constituent, so it’s 100% savable. This is an easy-to-use grease gun with rubber-like vinyl on its handle.

As a matter of fact, you can stroke at as high pressure as 10,000psi with the lever alone. Wow! Isn’t that amazing? Yea, of course, it is. In addition, it’s a lightweight grease gun that you can lug from one worksite to another effortlessly.

The 14oz size cartridge could sate your professional eons. Furthermore, stroking the Lucas grease gun impeccably is desirable and immensely practical. Firstly, the head is detachable from the cartridge. As you can see, Lucas grease guns have a unique structure as the head can only be inserted linearly. However, loading a Lucas grease gun must be executed distinctively.

How to Load a Lucas Grease Gun? 3 Things To Consider

1. Disassembling

  • Lucas grease guns have anodized aluminum cartridges and die-cast aluminum heads, including the handle. The head is removable from the cartridge.
  • You can screw the head attachment from the cartridge with your hands. You can disconnect the nipple by tilting the grease tube 15degree while you screw out the nipple from the fitting.
  • The plunger of the Lucas grease gun ought to be retracted backward. In fact, remove the plunger if you’re using the grease gun for the first time and apply heavy-coated grease on the bearing seal.
  • Buy the grease you want to apply to the Lucas grease gun. Make everything available before considering the next point.
  • Put all the removed parts inside a confined container while you check the next point.

2. Refilling the Lucas Grease Gun

  • Reinsert the plunger alongside the bearing seal and the spring in a reverse manner you imbibed when removing them earlier.
  • Seal up the lid that keeps the plunger in place at the rear part of the cartridge. Using your hands to tighten the sealing lid is the most traditional way.
  • Open the grease container and put the bottom straight inside the cartridge. Allow it to sit directly on the bearing seal. Remove the lid cover first of all before Inserting.
  • Draw the plunger backward to extract the grease from the grease container into the cartridge before the insertion. The cartridge of the Lucas lever grease gun is 14oz and could be filled with a grease container of the same size.
  • Overfilling of the lever grease gun could cause leakages at the joints when working. However, using the Teflon tape that comes with the arrival of the grease gun will prevent it.

3. Reassembling of the Grease Gun

  • The removed lid cover should be replaced with the tip once the grease gun becomes refilled. The lid will prevent stains from marring the efficacy of the grease.
  • Check the nipple of the grease gun at the end of the attachable flexible tube. Clean the interior if you find it dirty so that grease can come out from it exclusively.
  • Verily at this time, you don’t have to bend the flexible tube before fixing the nipple to fit snugly. You can use the manual to learn about the fixation of the flexible tube onto the Lucas grease gun.
  • Return the plunger back to its former position by pushing it inward. Do it as far as it can go.
  • Try running some tests to know the effect of the result.

Using & Saving Lucas Grease Gun:

Lucas grease gun with vinyl-coated lever is usable instantly after reloading its cartridge with grease. The plunger must be pushed forward to propel the grease forward so it can pop out from the nipple precisely. 

The Lucas grease gun can pop out the grease at a pressure between 4,500psi and 10,000psi. Stroking the gun using the aluminum lever and the straightly pointed flexible tube ejecting the lubricant through the linear medium is a fantastic experience. 

Notwithstanding, you can save the gun horizontal whenever you leave leftover grease inside it. Moreover, you can save it anywhere since it is a nonferrous grease gun.

Where are Lucas Grease Guns Made?

These are guns made in China. However, their overall built-to-last feature has made them one of the best-selling brands in the US. The spare parts are available, and nominal buyers are already raving about the grease gun’s quality. The brand has gained ground in its essence, and you should try buying one of the guns.

How Do You Use a Lucas Grease Gun?

It has a vinyl-coated handle to stroke out the grease through the nipples. The cartridge saves the grease until they are ready for use. Notwithstanding, it comes with Teflon tapes which users are to utilize to adjust the couplers. Nevertheless, ensure you clean the grease gun often for long-term use.

How Do You Change the Grease on a Lucas Grease Gun?

  • You will definitely know that the grease has decreased below par because the output will reduce.
  • Remove the flexible tube so that you can access the cartridge itself. You might need to remove the lid cover and the cover that the handle is actually attached to.
  • Check if there is some grease left in the cartridge. If there isn’t, you can prepare the suctioning of new grease from a new container.
  • Place the container inside the Lucas grease gun while the bottom sits against the bearing base, and the opened top of the grease container faces the top,
  • In a nutshell, infuse the grease into the cartridge, recouple the seals, and so on. You can recheck the manual or the tips we’ve stated here earlier to know how to do it.

How Do You Prime a Lucas Grease Gun?

This comes immediately after loading the Lucas grease gun with grease. Close the lid and ensure the flexible hose is appropriately inserted. Use the Teflon tape to seal the orifice around the flexible hose to ensure no leakages. The plunger must be well pushed down to the last limit. The nipple has to go through proper cleaning before use. All these will enhance the outcome eventually.

Lucas Grease Gun

Final Words

This is how to refill your Lucas grease gun legitimately. You can use the practical methods for virtually all grease guns that use the lever. Nonetheless, you’d always need to clean your Lucas grease guns to have an intelligent experience.