Milwaukee Grease Gun M12 VS M18

If you are vast in metal works, you’ll understand the importance of a grease gun as it makes greasing easier. Of course, there are numerous brands of grease guns, but some of them are better than others. One of the most popular brands is Milwaukee, and its best grease gun models are the M12 and M18. And people want to know which is better between the two models.

The M18 and M12 grease guns. The M18 grease gun is heavier and longer than the M12 grease gun. Furthermore, the M18 is made of stainless steel, while the M12 is made of metal.

9 Major Differences Between Milwaukee Grease Gun M12 And M18:

1. Length

M18 is longer than M12. The former is 20 inches long while the latter is only 14 inches long. And the shorter is better if there’s no clear advantage attached to the longer length. That’s because it is easier to handle and store shorter devices than longer ones. 

2. Weight

The M18 grease gun weighs 9.3 pounds while the M12 weighs only 7.2 pounds. That makes the M18 a heavier model. It’s needless to add the fact that the lighter M12 will be easier to use. Let’s continue to see their differences. In the end, you’ll pick the one that suits you more.

3. Material

 While M18 is made of stainless steel, M12 is made of metal. And both grease guns are resistant to corrosion and rust. The difference in their material does not make much difference in their durability.

4. Voltage

The voltage of M18 is 18 volts and the voltage of M12 is 12 volts. This is probably where they got their names from. Obviously, M18 will consume more power than M12. This means that M12 has an edge here.

5. Output Pressure

The output pressure of M18 is 10,000 PSI, while the output pressure of M12 is 8,000 PSI. Since M18 has a higher pressure, it might also dispense more grease than M12 in every stroke.

6. Grease Consumption

A single charge of an M18 grease gun can use up to about 10 cartridges of grease before its battery gets weak. And a single charge of an M12 can use up 7 cartridges of grease before it gets weak. The implication is that you’ll get more work done with an M18 grease gun before its battery gets weak.

7. Cartridge Capacity

The cartridge of the M18 grease gun contains 16 oz of grease, while that of the M12 grease gun contains 14 oz of grease. This also confirms that you’ll dispense more grease with the M18 gun.

8. Flex Hose Length

The length of the M18 gun’s flex hose is 48 inches, and the length of the M12 gun’s flex hose is 36 inches. Of course, a longer flex hose will get to further places. 

9. Similarities

After mentioning all the differences between the two models of grease guns, it is also necessary to talk briefly about their similarities. Both M18 and M12 grease guns are cordless and that means they are both battery-powered.

How Much Does a Milwaukee M12 Grease Gun Cost?

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How Do You Load an M12 Grease Gun?

The Milwaukee M12 is one of the easiest grease guns to load. The first step is to unscrew and remove the barrel. Pull out the empty cartridge. Get a new cartridge and remove the plastic cover at the bottom. Then, you can pop off the top. Now, you can insert the filled cartridge into the barrel and screw it back. 

Open the air bleeder valve at the top to allow trapped air to escape. Wait until grease comes out of the valve before closing it up. That’s an indication that all the trapped air has escaped. After that, you can test the gun to be sure that it’s good to go.

Does Milwaukee Make a 20-Volt Grease Gun?

Not yet! Milwaukee only makes the M12 and the M18 grease gun at the moment. Even if you check their website, you won’t find any 20-volt grease gun. However, it may be in the brand’s plan. 

How Much Grease Does a Milwaukee Grease Gun Put Out?

With a flow rate of up to 10 oz, the M18 grease gun will dispense up to 10 cartridges of 16 oz grease on a single charge. On the other hand, the M12 grease gun will put out up to 7 cartridges of 14 oz grease on a single charge.

Milwaukee M18 Grease Gun Best Prices:

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Milwaukee Grease Gun M12 Vs. M18

Final Words

Also, M18 takes 18 volts and M12 takes 12 volts. Moreover, the output pressure of the M18 gun is 10,000 PSI and that of the M12 is 8,000 PSI. In addition, M18 puts out more grease than M12. A single charge of the M18 grease gun will use up about 10 cartridges of 16 oz grease, while a single charge of the M12 gun can use up about 7 cartridges of 14 oz grease.

Finally, both products also have a couple of similarities. The M12 and the M18 grease gun is cordless, and they are battery-powered.