M3 Grease Gun vs Mp40: What’s The Difference?

Grease guns are striving because of the simple futuristic they possess. During World War II, two guns that became the rave of choices were M3 and Mp40.

The Germans made the Mp40; the other, the M3, was made in the US. Speculations have been arising that M3 was crafted from the masterpiece of Mp40 to catalyze logistical edges in short and long-range combats.

These grease guns have their differences despite their immense similarities. Now, talking about the similarities, these riffles have an open bolt system until recent times in the US, in which cocking and reigniting of rounds is so easy and profound.

The blowback operation they primer to shoot rounds within a minute makes them hit target flawlessly without muzzle rising and recoiling. Their designs are different, and likewise the manner of their operations. In fact, M3 grease guns make an optimum round of 450, while its comparison can make 550 rounds. 

5 Major Differences Between M3 Grease Gun and Mp40:

1. Safety

The two have their respective flaws. However, Mp40 could use a single feed version and a double column for feeding magazines, but M3 only uses one effective 32round or 30round magazine.

The difference is that the former feeds a 32-round and a 62-round magazine while the latter could feed a 30-round or 32-round magazine.

Gunners are advised to support the magazines of Mp40 underside rather than gripping the magazines’ body, which could cause a misfit to the feed lip of the gun while firing. M3, on the other hand, is made of steel with a thin gauge.

Therefore, it has no significant mechanical feature to regulate the trigger. That’s why hitting the rifle on a hard surface could dent the magazine, which could pave the way for dust penetration and cause the gun to malfunction.

2. Methods of Operation

The maximum firing range of an Mp40 rifle is 250m, while the firing range of an M3 is 100m. An M3 grease gun rifle uses a spring-loaded extractor to shoot with its blowback means of operation.

The spring-loaded extractor is located in the 8-inch barrel axis in the M3. M3 shoots once though it has no mechanical means of disabling the trigger.

However, what M40 offers is absolute control over the gun. Nevertheless, none of the two will malfunction as long as there is no dust in the magazine and the handling isn’t wrongfully done.

3. Design

While M3 grease is made of steel, Mp40 is made of steel, aluminum, and Margolit. Obviously, Mp40 is set to be heavier than its comparison.

They have collapsible stocks, but you’d always find Mp40 forward collapsing, while the other could be forward and sideways. Also, the barrel length of an Mp40 is 9inch, while M3’s barrel length is 8inch.

 The barrel axis of an Mp40 rifle has no insulation in the barrel, and that’s when it’s often hot, especially when used in the automatic mode. M3, on the other hand, is air-cooled and is also operated in blowback operation.

4. Cocking

The spring-loaded extractor of the M3 rifle is in the bolt, but the ejector is at the trigger. Mp40 has a separate notch for the cocking from the bolt. It enables the trigger to return to its original shape when the bullet has been shot. 

Nevertheless, the two use an opened bolt construction. The two riffles are reliable to use at any time, though M3 has a coupling structure as triple welding types. 

However, the cocking of an M3 grease gun is doable with a finger on the right-hand side, and it is by pulling it back. Note that you would need to cock an Mp40 before shooting.

5. Magazine

M3 uses a single magazine while its comparison uses a dual magazine. M3 uses a 30-round and 32-round magazine, while Mp40 uses a 32-round magazine for single feeding and a 64-round magazine for double magazine feeding.

 In short, Mp40 has an extensive usage format and essence than M3 grease guns. Notwithstanding, the feeding of their magazines is easy.

Is the M3 Grease Gun Good?

Yea, it is a good gun. It is lighter and could aid one in garnering stamina in short and long combats. The firing range reaches 100m. The grease gun aided the US soldiers in targeting enemies at a close range and defeating them. Howbeit, the grease gun has been working reliably since 1944, and countries have accepted it wholly.  

What Replaced the M3 Grease Gun?

M3 was replaced by M3A1, and its firing mode is automatic. However, it has almost the same features as M3. While the M3 firing range is 100m, M3A1 has a firing range of 150m. There is a mechanical option of disabling the trigger on M3A1, which isn’t present on M3.

Was the M3 Grease Gun Better than the Thompson?

Yea, it’s way better than the Thompsons. When it comes to lightweight, M3 takes the lead. It enables soldiers to move quickly around with the guns. The fixation of the magazine to the grease gun is more straightforward. And the 350-round and 450-round firing rates per minute make users ultimately control the firearm without the muzzle rising, as Thompson’s could fire 722 rounds per minute.

Is the M3 Grease Gun Cheap?

Yea, M3 grease guns are cheaper to produce. Indeed, that’s why M3 had the edge over its competitor during the second war. As of then, it costs $15 and is very much cheaper today. Besides, it isn’t only affordable but so reliable to use.

What Caliber Is an MP40?

Mp40 uses a 0.40 caliber, unlike M3, which uses a 0.45 caliber. The dimension of the caliber used by Mp40 has been in use for ages. The caliber is usable on single version and double-column magazine feedings. You can use the 9mm caliber to achieve the firing range.

Are MP40 Still in Service?

Yes, several countries have embraced the use of Mp40. In fact, the use of Mp40 is as relevant as M3 grease guns. The gun was used in recent wars, such as the ongoing Ukrainian war. Israeli and other countries are fond of its use in the Middle East.

How Much Is an MP40 Machine Gun Worth?

It depends on the means you are buying the product from. The license and other documents require due processing, which will consume some bucks. However, it costs between $28,000 and $40,000 in the US retail markets. Nevertheless, ensure you buy from a reliable source.

Can You Legally Own an MP40?

Yea, but the US government endorses those with closed bolts. Indeed, that’s what most models are made up of – closed bolts. This criterion would reason whether your grease gun will be endorsed or not. In a nutshell, you should carry out the necessary processes before owning a product.

M3 Grease Gun vs Mp40

Final Words

The M3 grease gun and Mp40 are profound rifles that you’ve learned the difference. The five differences have demarcated the essence of the two. You can now draw the baseline and know what is excellent for your use. They can be licensed by the US regulatory bodies as long as they meet the necessities.