How To Use Milwaukee Grease Gun? 5 Steps

The grease gun is popular because of its attractive features. It is known for its ease of use and simplicity. Also, its accuracy and efficiency are worthy of mention here. The grease gun helps to minimize the use of your grease. With a Milwaukee grease gun, your grease will last relatively longer.

It offers up to 10,000 PSI max operating pressure. It has a pre-set grease counter dial. Its 48-inch flexible hose helps you access difficult-to-reach fittings and areas. The grease dispenses a precise amount of grease. The markings on its plunger help to gauge how much grease is left in the barrel. 

Being cordless saves you the encumbrance of dealing with electric cords. Finally, it often comes with a certain warranty on several e-commerce platforms.

How To Use a Milwaukee Grease Gun? 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Follow the instructions on the user manual to set it up.

Step 2: Load its cartridge with grease.

Step 3: Test it to be sure that it’s working by placing its mouth on a piece of paper before squeezing the trigger. If t’s working, some grease should be dispensed. It means you’re all set for lubrication.

Step 4: Whenever you want to apply grease to a tiny part, you’ll have to choose a tiny feeding that fits the location. Connect the feeding to the mouth of your grease gun. 

Step 5: Make sure you clean the gun and store the grease properly. The way you use your gun will determine how long it will last for you. 

How Do You Set Up a Milwaukee Grease Gun?

The first thing to do is to remove the battery pack. Later, you’ll pull back the rod and push it sideways and let it go into the retaining slot. Make sure the rod is securely seated in the slot. If not, it may spring right back. After that, you can unscrew and remove the barrel. 

Remove the cap from the cartridge. Now, you can insert the cartridge with the open end going in first. The next step is to remove the seal from the cartridge. Now, you can screw the barrel into the grease gun. What to do next is to release the rod from the retaining slot and press it into the barrel to the very end. Finally, prime the grease. Now, your grease gun is set up and ready to go.

How Much Grease Does a Milwaukee Grease Gun Put Out?

With 10,000 PSI maximum operating pressure, the Milwaukee grease gun dispenses a flow rate of up to 10 oz. And the best part is the accuracy and the precision of the grease gun. It uses less grease than many other brands of grease guns. And that makes it much more efficient. 

How Do You Load an M12 Grease Gun?

For suction loading, you need to remove the battery pack first. Then, you can unscrew and remove the barrel. Now, insert the open end of the barrel below the surface of the bulk grease. Pull the rod back to enable you to push it sideways into the retaining slot. 

The next step is to remove the barrel from the bulk grease. When you’re through, you can wipe off the excess grease from the outside of the barrel. Screw it into the grease gun. Try to release the rod from the retaining slot and press it completely into the barrel. Don’t forget to prime the grease thereafter. 

For pump loading, start by removing the battery pack. Then, you can pull back the rod and turn its handle to get the plunger locked. Now, release the plunger. Make sure you do not push the rod into the retaining slot. Now, you should insert the loader fitting into the grease gun loader coupler. 

Ensure the loader fitting is compatible with the coupler and that it is rated for at least 10,000 PSI. If not, you may damage your grease gun. Operate the loader pump until the rod is pushed out of the barrel up to about 8 inches. Now, you can rotate the rod handle to release the plunger. Press the rod completely into the barrel. Once again, don’t forget to prime the grease gun.

How Do You Release a Milwaukee Grease Gun?

The first thing to do is to unlock the plunger. To do that, you have to depress the lock lever and pull the plunger rod back. Both of them should be done at the same time. That way, the plunger will disconnect from the rubber assembly automatically. Now, you can push the rod all the way into the barrel.

How Do You Prime a Milwaukee Grease Gun?

The purpose of priming the grease gun is to allow trapped air to escape.  To prime the gun, you need to insert the battery pack. Push the priming valve until all the air has escaped. Now, you can hold the hose assembly by the spring strain relief, and point it away from your body.

Pull the trigger for 10-20 seconds. Grease must come out. That’s the sign that all the air has escaped. If grease does not appear, push the priming valve again. 

How To Use A Milwaukee Grease Gun?

Final Words

It is necessary to keep the grease gun as clean as possible. Make sure you clean the vents to get rid of debris and dust. The gun should be kept dry and free of grease or oil when not in use. When you want to clean it, use mild soap and a damp cloth.

The tool should be kept away from combustible and flammable solvents always. Solvents like ammonia, chlorine, paint thinner, lacquer thinner, turpentine, and gasoline are harmful to grease and grease gun. Keep them away from the tool.