How to Load a Mini Grease Gun – Top 3 Methods Guide & Tips

A mini grease gun, as the name suggests is a tool that can be used for mini lubrication projects. Due to its small size, it is generally not used in industrial or large commercial businesses. Ideal for mini-projects like greasing smaller machines, its size makes it convenient for portability purposes as well as convenient for quick tweaks of smaller equipment.

Mini grease guns are available in a vast selection of types, with various features and varying costs, but one thing they all have in common is that they must be loaded. Despite the many types that are available, the mechanism for loading is similar.

How to Load a Mini Grease Gun

How to Load a Mini Grease Gun – Top 3 Methods

Three loading methods can be used for loading a mini grease gun:

  • Bulk loading
  • Cartridge in a 3-ounce size
  • Suction

Bulk Loading a Mini Grease Gun

This was one of the original loading methods before the introduction of the grease cartridge or bulk loading pump.

Necessary Tools

  • Mini grease gun
  • Lubricant
  • Rag
  • Screwdriver
  • Spatula or similar

Step-by-step guide for bulk loading a mini grease gun

  1. Unscrew the mini grease gun head from the gun’s barrel.
  2. Depending on the style of mini grease gun, pull out the rod handle and block it in position or, using a screwdriver check to see that the plunger is at the bottom of the gun barrel for minis not featuring a rod handle.
  3. Using the spatula, or manually fill the mini barrel with grease.
  4. Place some grease in the gun head to fill in the space.
  5. Screw the gun head back on loosely so that it is not fully secured.
  6. Again depending on the model, release the rod handle and push it into the gun barrel, or for models without rod handles, using a screwdriver push the plunger up from the bottom until a bit of grease is released from the edge where the gun head screws into the barrel.
  7. Now screw the gun barrel to close snugly.
  8. Wipe off any grease residue on the outside of your mini grease gun and test to see that it functions correctly.

How to Load a 3-ounce Grease Gun Cartridge

To load a mini grease gun, the use of a pre-filled cartridge is the easiest and fastest method. It’s not messy, and you can just toss empty cartridges.

Necessary tools

  • Mini grease gun
  • A 3-ounce cartridge of lubricant

Step-by-step guide for loading a mini grease gun

  1. Take off the grease gun head by rotating it counterclockwise.
  2. Pull the rod handle out completely.
  3. Lock the handle in place so it doesn’t interfere. Set the gun head aside on a clean surface to avoid picking up contaminants.
  4. Take a new grease cartridge and remove the plastic cap at one end of the cartridge.
  5. Take the cartridge and insert it inside the gun barrel. The cartridge bottom is where you removed the plastic cap, and it should enter first.
  6. Remove the metal tab or covering on the top of the cartridge to open it.
  7. Screw the grease gun head back onto the gun. Now rotate it counterclockwise one full turn.
  8. Release the rod handle from its locked position and push it back inside the gun.
  9. Rotate the grease gun head clockwise until it is snug. Pump until a little grease emerges from your mini grease gun.

Loading a Mini Grease Gun through Suction

This also was one of the initial methods for grease gun loading.

Necessary Tools

  • Grease gun
  • Tub of grease/lubricant
  • Rags

Step-by-step guide for loading a mini grease gun with the suction method

  1. Unscrew the grease gun head, remove it, and set it aside on a clean surface.
  2. Open your container of lubricant.
  3. Clean the mini grease gun tube thoroughly to prevent contamination of the container of grease.
  4. Insert the gun barrel’s open-end several inches into the tub of grease.
  5. Slowly pull back on the T-handle and draw lubricant into the gun barrel. Block the T-handle in the outward position.

Tip: If you feel a break in the suction of the grease into the barrel, push the lubricant back into the grease tub to expel the air pocket and draw back the handle once more.

  1. Remove your gun barrel from the lubricant container. With a clean rag, clean off all lubricant on the barrel’s outside where it was dipped into the lubricant container.
  2. Reinstall the gun head onto the mini grease gun.
  3. Release the T-handle and return it inside the grease gun. Purge any air that may be trapped before use.
  4. Begin to pump the gun until grease flows from the nozzle or flexible tube.


Portable and convenient the mini grease gun is easy to use for both indoor and outdoor lubrication needs, and it has become a great solution for urgent lubrication necessities.