How to Use a Milwaukee Hammer Drill? 9 STeps

Milwaukee is one of the leading brands of hammer drills and that’s because its hammer drills are efficient, durable, and easy to use. One thing that separates Milwaukee from others is variety. The brand has up to nine different models of hammer drills, and two new models are coming soon.

And you’ll be glad to hear that the same Milwaukee battery works with all the models. So, you won’t need to worry about which battery is for what model.

How To Use a Milwaukee Hammer Drill? 9 Easy Steps

As you may have heard several times, it is very important to study the user manual of the hammer drill. Take the time to read through the sections. It may be tedious, but reading user manuals helps you make the best use of your hammer drill while avoiding costly but common mistakes. 

Step 1 :

There are three modes. The screw, hammer drill, and regular drill modes. Since this article focuses on its function as a hammer drill, select the hammer drill mode. You can select the regular drill mode if you want to use it as a regular drill.

Step 2 :

Turn the chuck counterclockwise and pull the trigger to open the jaws of the chuck. Hold down the trigger until after inserting a bit.

Step 3 :

Insert the appropriate drill bit. Make sure it’s not damaged or worn-out. In fact, when you notice a worn out or damaged drill bit, discard it to prevent you from accidentally inserting it into your hammer drill.

Step 4 :

After inserting the bit, turn the chuck clockwise to tighten its jaws. You can release the trigger now. 

Step 5 :

Use the clutch selector to choose the speed. It is better to start with a low speed and increase it later.

Step 6 :

Mark the spot you want to drill on the concrete or brick.

Step 7 :

Press the drill button and place the tip of the drill bit on the marked spot.

Step 8 :

Start drilling. Try to apply a little pressure as the device drills through.

Step 9 :

After a few seconds, stop and clean off the dust before you continue. You should be through in less than 2 minutes if the drill bit is okay. 

Can Milwaukee Hammer Drill Be Used as a Regular Drill?

Yes, you can use it as a regular drill. In fact, a regular drill bit mode is among the three modes offered by Milwaukee hammer drill bits. A Milwaukee hammer drill has the following modes.

  1. Screw – This mode is used to drive a screw into a material.
  2. Regular Drill – In this mode, the device only spins. It performs what is known as rotary action.
  3. Hammer drill – In this mold, the device spins and also provides straight impact action impact action like a jackhammer.. This means that it performs both of the functions above at the same time.

However, a hammer drill cannot fully replace a regular drill because its regular drill mode has a few limitations. So, if you can afford to buy both a hammer drill and a regular drill, go ahead. But if you can afford only one, go with a hammer drill.

How Do You Put a Drill Bit in a Milwaukee Hammer Drill?

Of course, the required instructions are in the user manual. You may want to check it out. Nevertheless, here are the major steps.

Step 1 :

Turn the chuck counterclockwise to loosen the jaws of the drill.

Step 2 :

Pull the trigger of the drill and hold it down.

Step 3 :

Bring out the required drill bit.

Step 4 :

Insert it into the orifice of the chuck and push it down.

Step 5 :

Release the trigger and turn the chuck clockwise to close and tighten the jaws of the chuck. 

Does Milwaukee Make a Cordless Hammer Drill?

Yes, virtually all Milwaukee’s hammer drills are cordless because a cordless hammer drill can be used anywhere. And all Milwaukee hammer drills use the same rechargeable battery. At the moment, the brand has nine models of cordless hammer drills, and two more models are coming soon. You can see the full listing here

How Much is a Milwaukee Hammer Drill?

The prices of Milwaukee hammer drills vary from model to model. And they cost $49.99 – $799. It is a good idea to check several online stores before picking the best price deal. You can find the full price list of all the M18 series of cordless hammer drills here

What Is the Milwaukee Hammer Drill Used For?

The device is used for drilling holes into very hard materials like granite, concrete, and bricks. In addition, you can use it as a regular drill to drill holes into wood and metals. You might also use it to drive a screw into the wall. The device is multifunctional and that’s why it is useful for a lot of small do-it-yourself projects. 

What Is Milwaukee’s Most Powerful Hammer Drill?

At the moment, Milwaukee’s most powerful hammer drill is M18 FUEL™ ½” Hammer Drill/Driver. It comes with a side handle, bit holder, and belt clip. The tool delivers 1,200 in-lbs of torque and 2,000 RPMs. The drill is 6.9 inches in length. And it is protected from overheating, overloads, and over-discharge.

When you click the link above, you’ll be taken to the product page. You can click the “Where to buy” button on the page to see the list of online platforms where you can buy Milwaukee hammer drills. 

How to Use a Milwaukee Hammer Drill

Final Words

Milwaukee has several models of hammer drills, and they vary in cost, so you can check them all before you pick the one that suits your budget. The good thing about the hammer drill is that it can also perform the function of a regular drill to an extent.

So, if you can’t afford to buy a regular drill and a hammer drill, you can just settle for a hammer drill. Finally, take the time to study the user manual that comes with your hammer drill before you start using it.