How To Put a Handle on a Milwaukee Hammer Drill?

One of the hardest tasks is drilling into concrete, bricks, or other masonry materials. This is because of how hard and impenetrable concrete is. However, with the emergence of hammer drills, the task has become one of the easiest. If you have a good hammer drill and high-quality bit, it takes less than 2 minutes to drill into concrete.

At the moment, there are several brands of hammer drills, and their quality varies. Milwaukee is one of the leading brands because it offers several models of hammer drills, and all its products are durable, efficient, and easy to use. One other nice feature of Milwaukee hammer drills is their auxiliary handles. With the handle, you’ll have a firmer grip on the hammer drill.

Of course, you can use the hammer drill without installing the handle, but the handle makes for ergonomics. One thing you’ll like about the handle is that you can install it on the right or on the left of the drill. It will suit your drilling posture.

How To Put a Handle on a Milwaukee Hammer Drill? 5 Steps

Step 1 :

The handle comes in three pieces. You have the rod, brace, and handle itself. The rod has a broad base and thread for nuts at the top. If you want the handle to be on the right, you have to insert the rod head-first from the left into the handle hole. And if you want the handle to be on the left, you have to insert the rod head-first from the right into the handle hole. Push it to the very end.

Step 2 :

Fix the brace on the head of the rod and push it down to the body of the drill to give enough space for the handle itself.

Step 3 :

Push the handle in after the brace. The handle has internal threading that fits the thread on the top of the rod. So, after fixing the handle on the rod, you need to screw it down to the last stop.

Step 4 :

When you’re through, you can also remove it in reverse order. Unscrew and remove the handle first.

Step 5 :

Remove the little brace and remove the rod too.

What is a Hammer Drill Handle?

It is actually an auxiliary handle, and a hammer drill can work without its handle. When you use one handle to hold the drill, you have to hold the handle with the other hand for balance and ergonomics. A hammer drill is a powerful tool that can throw you off balance if you don’t stand firm and hold it firmly. That’s why you need the handle.

It actually comes in three pieces – the handle rod, a little brace, and the handle itself. The rod has a broad base and a threaded top. The rod will go into the drill first, then the brace follows through the top of the rod. It sits on the body of the drill. Finally, the handle goes on top of the rod, like a cap. The handle has internal thread. So, you’ll have to screw the handle onto the rod firmly.

Can You Add a Side Handle to a Drill?

Sure! The auxiliary handle is a side handle. You’ll have to follow the steps listed above to add and remove it. Although you can use the hammer drill without the handle, it is necessary to add the side handle to be able to grip the tool firmly. 

Can You Replace a Side Handle of a Hammer Drill?

A side handle is made of plastic, so it can break. The good thing is that if the side handle of your hammer drill breaks, you can replace it. You can buy another one on Amazon and several online stores. It is sold at about $10 – $15, depending on the quality and toughness of the handle.

What Are the Other Parts of a Hammer Drill?

Apart from the side handle, a hammer drill has other parts that you should know. Here are the major parts of a Milwaukee hammer drill.

1. Chuck:

This piece is at the mouth of the drill. It opens up the jaws of the drill for the drill bit to come right in. It is also used to control the torque of the hammer drill.

2. LED light:

It is underneath the chuck. It is designed to point straight at the spot being drilled. So, you can see what you’re drilling clearly.

3. Trigger:

This is exactly like the trigger of a gun. It is underneath the LED light. Pressing it controls the speed of the hammer drill.

4. Battery:

This is at the base of cordless Milwaukee hammer drills. It powers the drill. The good thing is that all the models of cordless Milwaukee hammer drills work with the same battery.

5. Gear switch:

As its name implies, this part is used to select the gear of your drill.

6. Motor:

The motor spins the drill bit.

7. Grip:

This is where you hold the hammer drill.

What Material is a Milwaukee Hammer Drill Handle Made of?

The side handles of different brands of hammer drills are made of different materials, but the side handles of all Milwaukee hammer drills are made of plastic. Nevertheless, the plastic can break. No worries, you can always replace the side handle of your hammer drill on Amazon.

How To Put a Handle on a Milwaukee Hammer Drill

Final Word

To wrap up this piece, let’s give a quick recap of the main points. All Milwaukee hammer drills have three-piece side handles. The handles are made of plastic. You can easily install the handle by inserting the rod first, then the brace and handle will follow. It may be a smart idea to check the user manual for instructions on how to add a side handle to your hammer drill.