How to Grease a Bosch Hammer Drill? 12 Steps

Have you just bought a Bosch hammer drill? Are you curious about its use, especially greasing it? Yea, this is recommendable to all hammer drills; Bosch recommends this likewise. In fact, there’s nothing wrong with zealously embarking on this task for the safe use of your product, at least.

Greasing the Bosch power tool is always required, and that’s why you’ll always find grease among the accessories that come alongside the Bosch hammer drill. Come to think of it; there’s no way you can use a new hammer drill bit without greasing it. Moreover, how you grease a new Bosch hammer drill differs from how you lubricate it in the long haul.

So far, you’re using any of the Bosch hammer drill models; you’re to grease the bits at the same rate as you grease the Bosch. As a matter of fact, Bosch admonishes operators to apply the grease frequently to prevent friction as the bit rigorously revs through the chucks.

Aside from greasing the bits, oiling the Bosch machine has dual options. You should check out these options here to lubricate your hammer drill superbly.

How to Grease a Bosch Hammer Drill? 12 Easy Steps

  1. Bosch impugns prospective users to apply grease before, during, and after using the power tool, as the case may be. Grease prevents rust and friction while the motor is rotating in the hammer drill.
  2. Read the manual that comes with the model you buy. Check out the design and the instructions stated in the hammer drill to have foresight in executing the task.
  3. Put on your safety wear. Take the grease tube you’ll find in the delivery box of the Bosch hammer drill. Get everything ready as you proceed from one level to another.
  4. A vacuum situated at the top of the Bosch hammer drill permeates the grease inflow from its top, so check out this feature. 
  5. The grease smoothens the revving of the bit in the chuck. This feature is visible on the Bosch rotary hammer drill.
  6. Remove the bit from the Bosch hammer drill’s chuck and clean it before lubricating its shank. Clean the chuck of the drill also.
  7. You’re to apply grease on the bit’s shank. Put it into the chuck likewise to be assured of lucid result. However, you’d have to remove the power cord and switch off the machine’s power before removing the bit.
  8. Grease the bit’s tip if the workpiece is ample thick. Better still, the Bosch hammer drill has a twistable chuck. Twist the chuck anticlockwise to remove the bit in order to grease the shank and chuck’s jaws.
  9. Use a wrench if the bit is jammed inside the chuck. Allow the greasing to be at a moderate rate to prevent jamming through the attraction of dust and dirt.
  10. Clean the machine’s bit, grease it after every job is done, and save it. Greasing the bit prevents it from rusting.
  11. Remove the excesses whenever the lubricant spills out from the jaws to the exterior rims while the shank revs. Do this often, and you’ll enjoy the use of the hammer drill long time.
  12. Call the professionals or Bosch for aids whenever you’ve cleaned the grease and lock in a well-greased bit onto the chuck, but the revolving speed isn’t as effective.

Does Bosch Hammer Drill Need Grease?

Yes, it does. The cam-action mechanism in Bosch hammer drills makes the revolving of the shank constantly rub against the chuck and the hook of the power tool splendidly. The relative motion initiates heat as a result of the friction. Greasing will prevent the wearing out of the system and catalyze the performance of the reactions. Also, it will make the tool work dependably as it ought.

What Kind of Grease do You Put in a Hammer Drill?

Basically, there are proprietary and universal types of grease. Technically, the use of lubricant manufactured by the power tool’s manufacturer is recommendable. In fact, most manufacturers recommend using their grease over the universal types. However, in the absence of the proprietary grease tube, the use of the universal varieties is welcomed. Among the varieties is Lithol categorized and used.

What is the Lubricant needed for Bosch Hammer?

You’re to use a grease tube from the manufacturer. It isn’t as cheap as the regular ones, though. But, you can reliably use it for Bosch hammer drills. The universal you buy depends on the direction you receive from the manufacturer.

Notwithstanding, Bosch delivers a grease tube to orchestrate an instant use of the unit on delivery, and Bosch recommends the continual purchase of the grease tube as time goes on.

When Should I Change the Grease in My Bosch Hammer Drill?

It depends on the time of use. The manufacturer suggests that the greasing of the Bosch hammer drill be done by a professional to get the best result. However, it’s required you grease the unit once in 2-6month. This is from the time of its first application after its delivery.

Can I Use a Bosch Hammer Drill without Greasing It?

No, you can’t. Greasing it from inception is mandatory. You need to lubricate the bit and the motor to boost the unit’s performance. The manufacturer necessitates the greasing of the unit, which is why a grease tube comes with it.

How to Grease a Bosch Hammer Drill

Final Words

This is how you’re to grease your Bosch hammer drill. The steps are the fundamentals to using a Bosch hammer drill explicitly. The ultimate thought is to always clean the Bosch hammer drill to remove redundancy from the unit’s performance. This would make the unit 10x effective.