Bosch vs Hilti Hammer Drill: What’s The Difference?

Endeavor to buy from top brands regardless of the circumstances; you’ll appreciate this later on. Buy from Bosch and Hilti if you desire a powerful hammer drill that could stand the test of time. Top brands could produce the same products but not the same services most times. Indeed, it’s expedient to check facts about your potential seller before ordering goods and services.

And when it comes to brands that prevent you from writhing in regrets after purchase, Bosch and Hilti companies deserve the accolades. These German power-tool-manufacturing companies are top brands but offer different services.

As a matter of fact, Hilti avails a 2-year warranty for the purchase of their power tools, which is better than the 1-year warranty Bosch gives. Hilti provides reparation services to customers whose products encounter unprecedented faults for 20yrs, which service Bosch doesn’t.

5 Major DIfferences Between Bosch and Hilti Hammer Drills:

  1. Hilti hammer drills are most common in China, while Bosch has its most expansive market in the US and Europe.
  2. Hilti hammer drills are purposed for industrial needs, while Bosch hammer drills are designed for domestic and industrial markets.
  3. The power tools made by Hilti could work at 36v in a dc power outlet, while the maximum voltage Bosch hammer drills could go 24v.
  4. Hilti hammer drills tend to be heavier than Bosch of the same categories. Using Hilti hammer drills for construction projects is a clever idea compared to Bosch.
  5. The services that the two manufacturing brands offer are formatted differently. Bosch has more variants in their store than its comparison.

Bosch Hammer Drills:

Bosch hammer drills are available in different models. Bosch presently has more than 20 variants of hammer drills of different capacities that a buyer can opt from at any time.

Buyers can find them in corded and cordless designs. The hammer drills have three modes, which operators can use to drill and give bricks pulsating knocks. Bosch accompanies its varieties with bits, a manual, and a grease tube to use the power tools.

The units are powerful and are designed for DC power outlets. They have varieties that could serve subsistence needs and commercial purposes based on their capacities.

 Bosch power tools are distinguished from other brands besides the trademark label on their units; they are compact and lightweight in their variety.

Hilti Hammer Drills:

Hilti hammer drills are available obviously in every part of the world though they have their industrial plants situated in a few parts of every continent.

They are available in different capacities as any other top brand. The products made by Hilti come with a 2-year warranty, with the company rendering an astute service to customers.

The hammer drills made by Hilti are durable and could be found corded and cordless. Aside from the manual that navigates users, the inscription on the knob and the functions make this easily usable. The built-to-last hammer drill is compatible with a safety design, which makes it viable for use everywhere.


  1. They are hammer drills made by top brands in the industry. Buyers can find them in corded and cordless features.
  2. These two manufacturers have varieties of hammer drills from which buyers of different tastes can buy. The varieties come in different capacities, accessories, and prices.
  3. The two offer better quality performance at their respective capacities than their comparisons. They have vast markets in the world of power tools.
  4. The power tools are designed to work in direct current power outlets. You can clean the case of the two; they have their structures built for a long-term purpose.
  5. The renowned brands have existed for more than half the century. They have their branches dispersed around the globe.

Pros & Cons:

The brands have been in existence for a long and have served several thousands of customers. They are weather-proof units that have better encasements to make holding them safer. They are tested and approved power tools that are adjustable and easy to control.

Meanwhile, buying the correct variant for the appropriate task makes the navigation of workpieces even easier. In a nutshell, you can lug them around quickly and use them for masonry projects adequately.

How Much is a Hilti Hammer Drill?

Hilti hammer drills are sold in different capacities and varieties. The cost of products made by Hilti ranges from $50 to $20,000, and you can find them from bare tools to highly packaged accessories. The distributor and the seller would determine the price of the product also.

How Much is a Bosch Hammer Drill?

Bosch hammer drills are available almost everywhere. They are easy to buy because they aren’t scarce in the marketplace. Nevertheless, their prices range from $39 to $3,000. Factors that determine the cost of Bosch hammer drills are the seller, the model, accessories, capacities, medium of purchase, and many more. What matters is buying the correct power tool for the proper challenge.

How to Put a Bit in a Hilti Hammer Drill?

  1. Get the Hilti power tool ready for the insertion of the bit. You would need to remove the plug pins from the power outlet.
  2. Choose the masonry bit that best suits the ½” chuck that Hilti hammer drills recommend.
  3. Lubricating the masonry bit is advisable if you’re using the bit for the first time. Greasing the bits ahead will activate the smooth revolving of the bit in the chuck.
  4. Turn the twistable case on the outer part of the chuck. Turn it anticlockwise to open the three-jaw of the chuck so that the bit’s tail can permeate.
  5. Fix the bit on the hook and turn the sleeve of the bit clockwise to make the tail sit on the hook. Keep rotating until you encounter resistance.
  6. Halt turning the bit once you encounter the resistance and start turning the twistable case of the chuck’s outer part clockwise. Turn it until the jaws grip the bit.

How to Remove Bits from Hilti Hammer Drill?

  1. Switch off the unit’s power and wait a few minutes for the revving sleeve to finally stop.
  2. Turn the twistable case of the outer part of the chuck anticlockwise to release the grip of the jaws from the bit’s sleeve.
  3. Turn the bit anticlockwise to unhook it from the hammer drill. Gently remove it from the trough once you’ve unhooked it.
  4. You can use your wrench to turn the bits or the chuck, as the case may be, for the easy removal of the bit from the hammer drill.
  5. Though you can use a screwdriver for unhooking the bit but one should unscrew the shaft instead to access the bit directly when it’s jammed on the hook.

How to Repair Bosch Hammer Drill?

Repairing a Bosch should be done by a professional. A professional should take on this task. However, you can troubleshoot problems on your Bosch hammer drills to get you back to the site.

Oftentimes, whenever there is a thwart in the performance of hammer drills, it could imply the machine needs lubrication; and you’d need to use your screwdriver to get the six screws on the plastic chuck removed easily to access the inward gearbox where the drill bits hook.

How to Replace Brushes on Bosch Hammer Drill?

Brushes are at the rear part of the Bosch hammer drill where the vents are located. Use your screwdriver to remove the screws on both sides. Remember, every Bosch has two brushes, so you’re to remove the two brushes.

You can use the manual to see the schematic structure of the brushes. Order for a prototype of the model you’re using from Bosch. Nonetheless, remove the vents on the two sides first, and you’ll see the brushes attached with spring. Use the screwdriver to remove them from both sides and replace them with new brushes.

Are Bosch Hammer Drill Bits as Good as Hilti?

Yea, they are as good as Hilti, provided you purchased the suitable model. Bosch has varieties in different capacities that you can use for heavy-duty projects like Hilti’s. Bosch power tools even provided an extended advantage as it’s lightweight and more savable than its comparison.

Are Hilti and Bosch Hammer Drill Bits Interchangeable?

Various criteria determine the use of a bit, and these factors are required when interchanging bits made by these two brands. The first is the ability of the bit to work with the size of the chuck. The scrutiny has to be considered before interchanging bits between the two units.

Will Bosch Drill Bits Work in a Hilti Hammer Drill?

Yea, the standard masonry bits that work on the two are SDS MAX hammer drill bits. You can use them for Bosch and Hilti; they will work flawlessly on the two without jamming. You can contact the manufacturer for more information on this.

Bosch vs. Hilti Hammer Drill

Final Words

These are the similarities and the differences that distinguish between the two. The points stated here are dependable ones. In a nutshell, buy Hilti power tools if you’re working on construction projects. Hilti will give you enough power you desire for the right percussion but opt for Bosch if you need moderate intensity for your tasks.