How To Wear a Tool Belt? A Fast and Easy Guide

A tool belt is a belt with numerous holsters/ pockets and hooks for people to hang their working tools while they are working. Some are just belts while others are a combination of belt and suspender. The latter is better as it distributes the weight evenly all over the body. There are several brands of tool belts. They are often made of tough leather for toughness and durability.

So, it is a great idea to wear a tool belt and keep all your tools around you. However, there are two sides to a coin. Wearing a tool belt also has its disadvantages. Having too many tools around you can cause strain, pain, and other health issues over time.

How to Wear a Tool Belt? 3 Easy Steps

1. You need some tools more often than others. So, you should put the more useful tools in the pockets or holsters near your hands. It’s more convenient that way. The least used tools will be in the pockets at the back. For instance, a claw hammer should be in one of the pockets near your hand.

2. Put more tools beside you and at the back. The front should be very free so you can bend or squat more easily. When you have tools in front, it’ll be difficult to bend down.

3. Your hands should be free when climbing a ladder. You need as much grip as possible. Never hold a tool in your hand while climbing. It will increase the chances of an accident occurring. 

How to Choose a Tool Belt?

The most important part of wearing a tool belt is being able to choose the best one for you. Since there are many of them, they come in different designs and sizes. Unfortunately, the most expensive ones are not always the best. So, you may pay higher for a tool belt with inferior quality. To avoid that, here are the qualities to look for in a tool belt.

1. Material

They are made of different materials like rubber, fabric, and leather. Some of them are made of a mixture of these materials. Of all, leather is the best and toughest. You need to consider the ones made of leather.

2. Availability of a suspender

When you wear a tool belt without a suspender, all the weight of all the tools will rest on your waist. Initially, you may be fine with it. Over time, you’ll develop pain in your waist and lower back. So, you need a tool belt that has suspender so that your shoulders will share in the weight.

And you also need a suspender that has been padded for the shoulders to cushion the effect of the weight of the tools on your shoulders.

3. Number of holsters

How many tools do you usually need for a typical project? Does the belt have enough holsters for all the tools? No? Then, choose another one. This is very important. You need a tool belt that can accommodate all your tools.

4. Consider comfort

It is not enough to just accommodate all your tools. Your tool belt has to be comfortable so you can wear it for a long time. It is important to buy a comfortable one. The problem here is that you can’t determine how comfortable a tool belt is by only looking at it.

You have to use it for a while. This is why you should order it from a supplier that will give you a return window like Amazon. Use it for a few days and return it if you don’t feel comfortable in it.

5. Durability

Durability also matters. You don’t want to keep buying the same thing every couple of years. As mentioned earlier, tool belts made of leather usually last long. So, opt for anyone made of leather. You can also back it up by checking the reviews on your preferred belt. If it’s not durable, users will talk about it.

6. Belt and buckle adjustability

You also need to consider the one that can be adjustable with buckles. This will make the belt suitable for more than one person. Each user will only need to adjust it to suit them.

7. Consider the price

Price is also very important. You can’t possibly buy anyone whose price is above your budget. The idea is to opt for anyone that has all the qualities listed above among the ones whose prices are within your budget. 

In the end, you may have to prioritize your requirements because it may be difficult to find a single tool belt that beats the others with all the requirements. For instance, the most comfortable tool for you may not be the most durable. So, you’ll have to prioritize the requirements.

Precautions for wearing a tool belt

Here are the precautions you must take when wearing a tool belt.

Dangerous tools with cutting edge like knives and saws must be guarded with scabbard. A part of your body may rest on the edge accidentally when you’re trying to assume the best position for a task. When working at heights, never use your tool belt as a safety belt. It’s not designed for that. You should use a safety belt when necessary. 

Always remove the tool you don’t need from the tool belt. It will reduce the weight your body has to bear. Organize your tools for even distribution of weight.

How To Wear a Tool Belt

Final Verdict

You should start applying the tips right away. Many of the health issues that some people are having now were caused by years of wearing their tool belts wrongly. Get it right and save yourself a lot of health issues in the future.